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Measurung units for universal balancing tasks CAB 700, CAB 706, CAB 920 - Schenck Italia

  • Digital measurement processing for high accuracy
  • Colored, clear unbalance display and safe reading
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Wide range of software components for universal and special balancing tasks

CAB 700 - universal and affordable

You will only have to work with this basic measuring unit once to realize that it has universal application, it is simple to operate, it measures the unbalances precisely and it has a powerful software. With its compact construction, it fulfils the requirements that are really called for with universal balancing machines with vertical or horizontal axes. The CAB 700 can be operated using just a few simple steps with pre-defined function keys, a numerical keypad and cursor keys. Even occasional balancing requirements are handled efficiently. The clear display shows full texts and in your language: words, numbers, measurement units and unambiguous icons support quick and safe reading through the color display. The measurement signals are digitally processed in a large unbalance area with high resolution and noise suppression.

CAB 920 - the synthesis of simple operation and the highest perfection

The new CAB 920 is an innovative further development of the legendary CAN measurement systems fro Schenck. The power of “Computer Aided Balancing” has been further improved by the CAB 920 and opened up access to a broader application spectrum. With its modern operating concept, it has set new standards in balancing. Simple and secure handling of complex processes and procedures are at the heart of our development. Fault avoidance, process acceleration and a significant increase in the quality of the balancing – these are all available to you with the CAB 920. Simple operation is the key to more security.

New machines for old. The CAB 920 is ideally suited for the modernization of older horizontal and vertical balancing machines, even those from third-party manufacturers, allowing you to add value to your existing balancing equipment through the addition of the latest measurement technology.
Balancing in R&D, during repair work, in single-piece production or in low volume production presents a wide range of challenges for measurement technology.

The perfectly balance rotor is the target and we offer exactly the right microprocessor measuring unit for each balancing task to help you achieve your targets. The whole consists of a uniform operating philosophy, measurement processing precision along with the clear and easy-to-read display, which processes the measurement signals and displays the size and the location of the unbalance. Thanks to the permanent calibration, you only need to enter a small amount of geometric data, in order to set the measurement unit up for a new rotor.

Functions such as measured value memory, indexing display or correction instructions support the operator in carrying out quick and rationally balancing.

CAB 706 - The modernization package for economical balancing

The CAB 706 provides the complete package for the modernization of the measurement chain of older horizontal and vertical balancing machines. If the mechanically has been well maintained mechanically, it is an affordable solution to bring it up to date in terms of modern measuring technology and contemporary operation.

The CAB 706 is quick to install and commission because of its compact design. Simply build it into the existing control cabinet, connect the vibration sensors and power up. In most cases, this “conversion” is completed in a very short time.

Even third-party machines can be brought up to the current level of Schenck machines with optional signal amplifiers.
Dati tecnici
Technical data at a glance    CAB 700  CAB 706  CAB 920 
Digital multiplication measuring principle    •  •  • 
Unbalance measurement for laboratory applications     •  •  • 
Permanent calibration    •  •  • 
Empirical calibration    (•)  (•)  (•) 
Correction calculations    (•)  (•)  (•) 
Screen display    •     
High resolution screen display      •  • 
Multi-function keyboard    •     
Separate data storage medium        • 
Centronics printer interface    (•)  •  • 
Serial interface (COM)    •    • 
Serial interface (USB)      •  • 
Serial interface, Ethernet        • 
Control interface, standart    •    • 
Interface for 2 display units      •   
Interface for external keyboard      •  • 
Reference generator connection   
Vibration sensor connections    2 - (4) 
Measuring unit         
Display resolution    320 x 240     
Measurement uncertainty  [gmm]  depending on the balancing machine  depending on the balancing machine  depending on the balancing machine 
Measuring speed range  [min -1]  120 - 5.000  120 - 5.000  100 - 5.000 3) 
Unbalance measurement range    1 : 1.000.000  1 : 1.000.000  1 : 2.000.000 
Measurement speed, approx.  [s]  0,5 - 80  0,5 - 80  0,5 - 80 
Type data memory  100  100 2)  2)  2) 
Dimensions (19‘‘ rack)  [HE]  10  10 
Weight, approx.  [kg]  30  40 
Power requirement 1)  [V]  85 - 260  115 / 230  115 / 230 
Power consumption  [VA]  30    250 
Basic instrument  Order No.  R0760300.01    R0760200.01 
(•) Optional         
For the mentioned measuring units a multiplicity of extensions and software options are available that are only partially described here. To adapt these to your specific task please consult one of our technical personnel.. 
1) + 6% / -10%, 50/60 Hz         
2) Unlimited with external data storage medium         
3) Min. 10 and/or max. 250,000 min -1 possible as option         
o.r. On request