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Balancing and Diagnostics System for Complete Cooling Fans EEJH - Schenck Italia

  • Performance measurement
  • Signal analysis of the motor current
  • Vibro-acoustic diagnosis
  • Automatic unbalance measurement
  • Automatic unbalance correction
  • Automatic test sequence

Possible test procedures

  • Signals analysis of the motor current and frequency range for the indentifivcation of commutation errors
  • Signals analysis of the motor current and frequency range for the identification of commutation errors
  • VAD procedure (Vibro-acoustic diagnosis) for objective noise checking through analysis of the structure-borne noise signal in the time and frequency range.
  • Measurement of current, speed and direction of rotation
  • Determining the static and dynamic unbalance with automatic unbalance correction

Special features

  • Single or multiple-channel noise checking with integrated unbalance recognition, optional structure-borne noise checking
  • Powerful industrial PC for control of the test sequence
  • Software module for measurement of performance parameters and VAD procedure and measurement of static unbalance; large rotor type data memory, operator prompting, diagnostic program, statistics, process control, external interfaces
  • Control of brushless motors
  • Correction methods such as nibbling, drilling, coating or milling

Range of application

Performance and objective noise tests in the production of complete cooling fans.
Measurement of dynamic and static unbalance in the fan plane for optimum unbalance correction.


  • Machine frame with unbalance measurement and test equipment
  • Protective housing with wide loading doors
  • Integrated measurement and control cabinet with test computer and power unit for the test object
  • Two-station machine with manual loading, automatic test sequence and automatic unbalance correction.
Dati tecnici
Data at a glance  EEJH 
Measuring device  PC with signal processor 
Test specimen  Complete blowers with  
  built-in motors 
Test method  VAD, signal analysis,  
Unbalance correction  Automatically through  
  milling or other 
Cycle time  approx. 30 secs, 
  depending on blower type,  
  per station 
Width A2  1850 
Depth B2  1850 
Height C  2040 
2) Information non-binding, since dependent on the respective version